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A Grand (central) day out

As the majority of us at GRIN HQ commute into work by train, we have witnessed quite the change in our city centre over the last few years.

Delays. last minute platform changes, overcrowded carriages. The majority of us here are commuter spartans, opting for the train to bring us into work.

The last few years haven’t been easy for the regular Brum worker who uses the main station of the second city, but on September 24th 2015, we finally saw a rather magnificent outcome of the disruption to Birmingham New Street station.

Swathes of white are flooded with natural daylight across the concourse of Grand Central, caressing the curves and clean lines of the architectural masterpiece from Haskoll. It’s an impressive unveiling, breathing new light into a thriving city across 200,000 sq ft.

Architecturally, Brum boasts diversity in its design, seemingly more so than the majority of UK cities. From it’s (now defunct) brutalist library, to the new structure by Mecanoo and the shimmering platelets of Future Systems’ Selfridges building, the history of the city is told through its diverse and ever changing landscape.

Grand Central is a welcome addition to a city on the up, making Birmingham a flagship European point of interest. As Grin continues to grow, so does the city around us, and on a slightly more shallow side note, we’re ultra excited by the opening of Foyles books, John Lewis’ stationery department, and plenty of offerings for a team lunch out. It really is a great time to be in Brum.