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Art trips at lunchtime

At GRIN we like to consider ourselves a culturally aware bunch and we enjoy a lunchtime gallery visit just as much as the next design studio. But when the sun is shining and there’s a new exhibition on at the Ikon then we’re the first to be trekking down the canal, shades and shorts on ready for an exhibition. Especially when it’s titled: Internet Giants: Masters of the Universe by Langlands & Bell

The Ikon describe the event as: “Featuring the new iconic architecture of the global technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, Alibaba and Google, the exhibition includes a new series of relief sculptures, installations, digital animations and portraits that explore the increasingly profound influence they have on our lives in the age of ‘Big Data’.

“At first sight the futuristic appearances of the new headquarters of the internet giants characterise the digital age, yet the designs often rely for their impact and power on ancient typologies. Will the new Apple Headquarters in California designed by Norman Foster – a vast circular building nicknamed “The Spaceship” – rival the Colosseum or Stonehenge?”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves. As you can see from the photographs below this is large scale, thought provoking, detailed work that is definitely worth the trip. Whether the sun’s shining or not. (Exhibition runs until 10 June 2018)