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Beautiful Decay

I’ve always been interested in concept artwork, particularly environmental concept work; the meticulous attention to detail and perfect symmetry and symbiosis it has with the creations within it. Admittedly though, it’s artist’s concepts of how the future would look many years from now that interests me. Whilst they’re individual in style and scope, the vision is ultimately the same: stark, minimal, sterile… generally dystopian.

Rarely are the depictions of the future in concept work represented as positive. Is this a reflection of our current mindset of the world we live in? Like the images from the concept visionaries, do we see a world drowning in technology and ultimately losing touch with its own humanity? Or do we just love technology, space, holograms, Minority Report-esque computerised projections, flying things, lasers, lightsab– you get the gist.

Whatever influences the artists, there’s no denying that concept work is a pure art form, often overlooked or not praised enough. So too is the work of film set designers who take this artwork and turn it into something tactile and existent.

This post is a nod to the concept artists responsible for fabricating worlds and set pieces which immerse, surprise and often disturb us. For whatever reason, a dystopian future seems certain in their eyes and whilst not everyone’s cuppa, once the movie is over, what remains is the realisation that our flawed world isn’t so bad after all.




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