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Beer is beautiful

I’m fairly new to the world of beer, and whilst I’m very much enjoying myself tasting what it has to offer, it’s also becoming evident to me how much beer packaging has evolved over the past few years, becoming a strong contender in what is a very saturated industry.

I recently came across this beautiful branding by Manual, a design and branding studio based in San Fransico, for Fort Point brewery and boy is it beautiful!

Fort Point Beer 1

Fort Point Beer 2

The illustrative style is bang on trend using clean, modular lines to create a contemporary feel, yet a design which oozes tradition. The iconic location of the brewery and it’s surrounding landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, are depicted throughout, giving a real sense of authenticity that creates a truly unique brand that is proud of its roots. If I came across this in my local supermarket, it would definitely end up in my basket, and most likely on display afterwards!

Fort Point Beer 4

This got me looking into other beer packaging that is currently trending…

Inspiration 1

Inspiration 4

I think I’ll treat myself to a beer now, it is Friday after all.