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Climbing the Google rankings

Having worked on a range of digital projects recently we have been chatting to clients about how they can ensure their website can be seen in the ever competitive google rankings. When we are designing websites we ensure Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is integral to the build and we keep up to date with the latest recommendations on SEO practices. So when we get asked the question, how can I make sure our site is near the top of the list on Google, our most useful piece of advice is (you guessed it) content is king, especially content written by you, an expert in your field, company, service or brand, and therefore the person best placed to write about it.

The overarching advice is to write, and write a lot. The goal is to get to the top of the Google rankings for specific keywords that your current and prospective customers or users might be searching for. Writing about your sector, brand or service and addressing issues that your customers or users might be interested in will help you reach out to your desired audience, aswell as generating the meaningful content which Google will recognise in order to measure your ranking.

Generating relevant discussions or sharing helpful information from other sources, which can help your consumers in their buying decisions, will also help to add value to your service, placing you in a position of authority within your field – and this regularly updating, fresh content will then mean Google’s crawler will visit your site more regularly and improve your chances of a higher ranking.

All this new content can also be used across your various social media channels, generating discussions in those digital environments too. Consumers can then share your content easily and start promoting your business for you!

When we build a site at GRIN we take care of the design elements which optimise your site for SEO, making sure your site is well structured and that Google and other search engines are aware of it. Armed with a bespoke user guide, and maybe taking advantage of some one-to-one training, most of our clients then take ownership of their websites in order to make it easy for them to regularly post content.

So don’t forget, your greatest asset in improving your SEO is you…so get writing!