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CVs that put a GRIN on your face

I remember being sat in a lecture over 10 years ago with a guest speaker from TBWA. He spoke of grads getting a foot in the door of the industry, and recalled how one lad sent a parcel to the office containing a plastic bag of fake blood and a note, ‘I would die for TBWA’. Ok, so this is rather extreme and gory and I’m not sure we’d appreciate that arriving on our doorstep. But I do remember being inspired, what can I do that makes me stand out above the rest?

In my junior days, I came across this “way in” – a designer who created humorous brand identity guidelines for themselves. You can find it here, and even though it looks a tad dated now, at the time I thought, I wish I’d done this!

We’ve been having a look at CVs that turn our heads, and here are our top 10:

  1. Interactive

    Robby Leonardi has really pushed the boat out with an animated, interactive CV. It’s so much fun scrolling through, we were amazed! Have a browse here!

  2. Zine-style

    You can’t eat or play with this one, but it’s quite simply beautiful. Much like zines and independent mags you find today, the design has been carefully considered and really stands out, containing not just a fold out cv but also the crucial portfolio.

  3. Feel good

    People love to play, so when you get a CV that’s tactile, needs unfolding, and is printed on lovely stock, well you just want to keep it. We think this folded CV by Ada Napiorkowski is great.

  4. Information

    It’s good to see CVs that look at things differently, and as they say, pictures can speak louder than words. We can’t even read this CV, but we like the neat use of vector icons, namely moustaches, to convey the designer’s skill level in different programs.

  5. Packaging

    Turning the every day into something all about you. This is rather novel.

  6. Geek out

    Designers love a Pantone book, so this is a rather cool way of breaking down information.

  7. More folding

    And pretty palettes and patterns.

  8. Elegance

    Keeping it simple can produce stunning results.

  9. A little something more

    Careful consideration has been given to how this portfolio is received, and therefore feels quite premium in it’s simple, rustic yet nicely designed pouch.

  10. Doughnut delivery (spied in the Metro)
    This dude dressed as a courier to deliver his CV disguised as a box of doughnuts! It is a novelty but it bagged him a few interviews!

So, there we have it! These CVs and portfolios have intrigued us and it’s clear their owners are passionate about what they do. A simple Word CV from a designer says a lot (not in a good way), so make sure you take your time to present yourself as best as you can. We can’t wait to see what comes our way as we recruit for a new designer!