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Doing things differently in 2015? (Part 2)

Hi. So, we’re nearly in March already! It’s still easy to feel like you’re in a post-Christmas slump this time of year, financially at least. But the evenings are getting lighter, and maybe you’re now feeling inspired to do things differently.

In my last blog post, I asked, ‘Am I engaging with audiences in the best way?’ And I focussed on video. With multi-device usage comes consumers who expect experiences that are personal, relevant and available any time. Digital is a great tool for delivering messages seamlessly. However, it’s not all about video – we will always need printed material for example. And maybe you haven’t got the budget for digital. Perhaps the question to ask is, ‘Is my idea the best it can be?’

This month Cosmopolitan did a magazine cover that protests against honor killings. The front of the magazine itself shows a woman suffocating, but the plastic wraparound is integral to the woman appearing suffocated. The act of ripping open the plastic signifies the release of women from violence.

Cosmo cover

This was inspired by a true story from 2004 where a British woman was suffocated and murdered by her parents after refusing an arranged marriage. Whilst this is a tragic story and topic being addressed, the idea with the wraparound and image is genius. And it wouldn’t cost any more than the usual print run. So, have a think about what you’re doing and if you could do it better. Can I get more creative and more effectively engage with an audience?

Lastly, if you’re not thinking about business right now, personally I learned two things last year. It’s not rocket science but might be useful.

1) Real happiness comes from within. Not from a melt in your mouth chocolate brownie which turns out to be made with dark chocolate. Disaster.

2) Everything outside of your mind isn’t always in your control. Someone told me a story of stepping in a puddle of piss last year. The lady thought to herself in the moment, “Oh yes, this happens.” Oh yes.

Everything can be looked at differently. By doing this, we can get better results, personally and in business. And both work hand-in-hand.