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Don’t label me…

We have been researching some bespoke bottle labelling and jackets for one of our clients this week and we’ve come across these beautiful examples of label design for some top shelf liquor brands. The beautiful bottle shapes really help to accentuate the eye catching design of the labels.

Lovejoy Vodka

These covetable bottles for Lovejoy Vodka by Integrity Spirits feature a range of labels which allow customers to choose whichever one suits them…we want all the beautiful patterns!

1000 acres vodka


An exquisite minimal bottle design for 1000 Acres Vodka which has taken precedence over any labelling to create a premium, classy look. Designed by The Arnell Group.

Jose Cuervo

Limited edition Mexican Day of the Dead bottles by Jose Cuervo which uses the skull image so often seen in tattoo art and reminds us of the interior of Birmingham’s lovely Bodega bar. Even better these bottles change colour when its chilled.


Solo’s designs for a line of liqueurs has a beautifully simple typographic treatment which is clean, minimal and elegant allowing customers to easily identify their liqueur of choice.


Stranger & Stranger created a beautiful elaborate bottle and label design for a festive limited edition Absinthe which looks so authentic, as if it should has just been taken from the shelf of a Parisian apocathery or parfumier.

Via creativebloq and Lovely Package