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Every Day is Play

Around August 2013, I backed a Kickstarter project called Every Day is Play: A Celebration of the Video Game. A book project uniting artists and gamers across the globe through video game culture and creativity.

Being a total gaming geek and graphic design freak meant that for me, this was clearly a match made in heaven. I backed the project and pledged my 30 quid to help smash the £25k target (the final total reached 35k+). Project leader, Matthew Kenyon of Gamepaused, kept all backers up to date throughout the project’s progression with downloads, sneak peeks and emails of thanks.

I finally got my book towards the end of last year and it was definitely worth the wait. It’s a thing of beauty and that’s before you even open it. A hardback cloth cover, 210x250mm portrait, 300+ pages, litho printed with special inks and multiple paper stocks and weights throughout.

The content?

A swathe of leading designer and game developer agencies, collectives and freelance contributions ranging from home grown talent at The Designers RepublicTM, Studio-Output, Edge Magazine and Cory Schmitz to Berlin’s eBoy and global digital designers ustwo to name a few – a full list can be found here.

Realising art forms across a variety of disciplines and combining them in a beautiful pixelated compendium, Every Day is Play is most definitely a celebration of the video game.

(Oh, and I managed to get my name on the back of it too)

UK stocks are sold out but copies are still available through

Kickstarter page

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