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GRIN x Risograph x Rope Press

This time last week we were up to our ears in fluorescent swatches, cutting and pasting and getting overly excited about a posh photocopier. Now this might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea but at GRIN this was a great night! This was a risograph workshop organised at the new home of Rope Press where we had previously attended and had so much fun we couldn’t wait to get back into it.

For those of you who don’t know what risograph printing is:

“Risography is a spot colour process, meaning colours are applied separately in layers. Inks are housed individually in drums and can be used in any combination to create rich and vibrant colours and tones through overprinting.

“Just like screen printing, layers are printed separately. Miss-registration is a common trait in Risograph printing and can be experienced when artworks aren’t properly trapped or when printing more than two colours. Miss-registration as a characteristic is a part of the embedded charm of the Risograph making up its unique aesthetic.”

Source: Rope Press

Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were excited to build on what we had learnt last time, whilst also indoctrinating the newest additions to the GRIN family in the dark arts of riso printing! We look forward to seeing this technique coming through in our work soon.