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Striving to do better and learn more, a GRINner’s work is never over, even after the studio doors shut. Our love and passion for understanding the creative world encourages us to experiment with new techniques or work on personal pet projects, giving us an extra edge and a multi-faceted approach to the work we create.

To highlight these flashes of inspiration and flurries of creativity, we’ve created a Tumblr account called GRIN:GO. It’s basis is to form a perpetual stream of works in progress offering you a playful slant and sneak peek into the work we do here at GRIN. It’s also helps us to observe and learn from each other, further fuelling the cycle of our understanding, learning and application.

Updates to GRIN:GO will appear intermittently throughout the month so keep checking back. If you see something you like or maybe a technique that could be used in a project you’re working on, give us a shout!