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In-between the lines

GRIN have recently been asked to design a bespoke adult colouring book to support a series of events aiming to help people think more creatively.  With the sudden rise in popularity of adult colouring books the choices are endless, however, the majority of books stick with the same themes and patterns making it difficult to distinguish between them.

Modern Toss, a Brighton based business comprising of cartoonists, illustrators and writers have recently released they’re own series of colouring books called Mindless Violence that aim to “achieve a mindful state as you colour in these adrenalin-soaked scenes of mindless violence, created for you by a dedicated team of plain clothes therapists,”.  This series of books definitely set themselves apart from the crowded homogenous selection we currently have.  Take a look at some of the pages below:



Mindless Violence and The Working Day colouring books by Modern Toss