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As any good designer will tell you, there are occasionally moments when after being given a brief, for a few painful seconds, you sit at your computer and feel a mental block, as though you suddenly can’t remember anything you’ve ever seen, heard or experienced that could possibly inspire you. Thankfully, I then take a deep breath, remember an episode of The Simpsons, chuckle to myself and somehow, calm down and get on with the job…

Now GRIN is a great place to work for lots of different reasons but one of the best is everyone is always into something new and excited to tell the rest of us about it. Now even if we don’t all share the same specific interests we’re always excitedly telling the rest of us what we’re watching at the moment, what records we’re listening to or any good websites we’ve seen recently and that leads me to the comic book artist Frank Miller. I’ve been into him since Sin City, and 300 but I recently finished watching Daredevil on Netflix, a recommendation from Dan, and went back to his Daredevil comics which lead me to this quote from him, “It’s the duty of someone who works in a given form to study other related forms and bring something of them into his work.”

This really struck a chord with me and links really well to Dan’s last post about staying sharp because really it’s about inspiration. Now I think as designers we might have a tendency to sit in front of our macs and pour over endless blogs and wonder what it would be like to produce that sort of work but it’s important to realise that we can create that work if we want to. It just means having the inclination to act upon it, which might be in our spare time if not in our current work. Also, as designers I think we’re naturally interested in lots of different creative stuff. This could obviously be films, music, books and magazines as well as other less obvious “designer” things like sport, writing, reading, getting out into the countryside. Whatever it is it’s important to keep doing those things and let those things influence your work so you keep drawing inspiration from what you’re naturally interested in and put that back into your work. Because that will help you produce your best work and it’ll be the most fun.

Here’s some stuff I’ve been enjoying recently: