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This is the start of a (semi) regular series from GRIN HQ collecting the best of what we have seen on the internet this week. With no further ado:

We’ve all been loving the new FKA Twiggs x Spike Jonze Homepod ad (Gareth)

Bradley G Munkowitz  (GMunk) has established himself as one of the top visual and design director in the world. This is a brief interview and snapshot of his work, taken from Mouvo 2017 – a festival presenting Motion Design in all of its forms. (Dan)

Strichpunkt were asked to redesign the Audi brand for 2025, German agency Strichpunkt created a toolkit with digital devices in mind – and made it publicly available online. (Carly)

The world’s first sensory gaming device might find my Call of Duty collection gathering dust while I opt for Cooking Mama. (Scott)

Remember when the Oscars wrongly announced Best Picture to La La Land rather than Moonlight? A simply change in type layout and hierarchy could have probably solved that whole fiasco. This post by Vox explains how. (Ryan)

My new favourite type foundry. (Gareth)

A place for people who like noises and pressing buttons. Oh, and annoying everyone around them. (Jon)

Mother London’s blog ‘Motherzine’ takes an alternative and open look at the world that passes us by. This entry talks Dapper Dan and copycat /copyright /cultural appropriation! (Dan)

I can’t stop thinking about the new Alex Garland film Annihilation. (Gareth)

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Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 logo interpretation. Link to the project in bio

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When you’re styling on ’em from early.

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