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Looking at things differently in 2015?

Hello. I’m Ali, still a relatively new face here at GRIN. It does feel like I’ve been here far longer though. Simply because, you know, the team are alright. In fact, awesome. If you haven’t met everyone, come and say hello.

So, 2015 is here. A time for resolutions right? Ok, so supposedly most people ditch them within the first few weeks, but I think we all have a bit more willpower than that. I read on Tuesday that it’s a good idea to start with questions. So here’s one: How can I look at things differently this year?

There’s lots of talk about what the year ahead holds for the industry. It’s clear that the internet and smartphones are at the forefront. Tuesday evening sat on the train and everyone’s gaze is drawn to their phone. Mine too. Have you seen Alex’s willy? Ok, so it’s not what it sounds like. It’s a video on my Twitter feed launched by the NSPCC to raise awareness among parents about the content children share online.

I find this quite scary. Not the video itself. It’s just that I’m only 28, yet when I was a kid a smartphone was one that didn’t have a cord attaching it to the wall and the only dangers you were aware of was tractor wheels falling over on the farm. But it is in short a brilliant animation that appeals to the audience with its illustrative style, and can reach them through the many gadgets that landed in stockings over Christmas.

Videos are great for establishing an emotional connection and raising awareness, from public health to products on your shelf. A recent survey cited by Inc. Magazine said that 70% of consumers want to learn about products through content instead of traditional advertising. So a video might provide a better user experience as opposed to navigating a website or leaflet for information. The one thing that does come to mind however with animations I’ve seen created in the last couple of years, is the danger that they can simply sit on YouTube with few views. To reach your audiences, you need to know where they are. Should you be looking to Facebook and Twitter to promote videos and other content? Maybe the content should be on Facebook straight up? It’s certainly taking on YouTube for audience views and launches new video features regularly. Since June 2014, Facebook has averaged more than 1 billion video views every day!

So at the start of 2015, the question should be: Am I engaging with audiences in the best way? If you think a video might connect with your audience to share a message, why not drop in and speak to us about it? We love creating animations here at GRIN.

I hope your year has got off to a good start. I will continue to look at the way we can look at things differently both creatively and personally, in my next post.