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Ned’s Wonder is going on tour

British rock bands The Wonder Stuff and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin embark on their one-off, 12-date, co-headline UK tour ‘Love From Stourbridge 2018’ in Liverpool later today, covering 10 UK locations – including a support DJ set from Graham Crabb (of rock band Pop Will Eat Itself).

Alongside the tour, the two bands have teamed up with Birmingham’s biggest real ale brewery, Froth Blowers Brewing Co, to launch a limited edition ale ‘Ned’s Wonder’, a “balanced golden ale with a floral start and a subtle caramel finish”.

You can order a bottle of Ned’s Wonder here.

The ale was launched earlier this year at an acoustic gig in the Duke William, Stourbridge, which invited fans to come and see them share the stage for the first time in 27 years. It’s also going to be supplied at all of the gigs during the tour and fans are also able to buy it directly from the brewery.

Jonn Penney and Miles Hunt at the Duke William in Stourbridge – Credit

Here at GRIN, we had the pleasure of designing not only the beer itself but also all the collateral and merchandise that follows. The beer label is designed to sit comfortably between the two bands, taking influence from their music style whilst also appealing to their fan base and history. We also wanted the beer to stand out from the clutter currently invading the craft beer scene and to produce a product you’d want to buy, whether you were a Stuffies/Ned’s fan or not.

The Ned’s Wonder launch event in Stourbridge was featured on BBC Midlands Today and gained great publicity across local and nationwide news. Promoting the beer has not only given the tour great exposure, it’s given great exposure to the brewery, Froth Blowers Brewing Co.

After the success of the Ned’s Wonder ale we were invited to create a poster to celebrate the tour that will be used on various promotion pieces and collateral throughout the tour. We decided where better to start than to take the fans back to where their music collections began (reminiscent of the 80’s) and create a cassette tape style illustration. Taking inspiration from the rock music loving, cassette tape collecting music scene, we designed 12 tape spines each representing a stop on their UK tour.

The illustration was received well by the band and fans alike. It’s now being used on t-shirts and as a part of the stage backdrop. If you’re lucky enough to be attending one of the gigs then be sure to check out the merchandise stand for more cool stuff designed by us at GRIN and you can even order a limited edition signed poster here.