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Not just a sign of the times….

Sign of the times

This week I had the pleasure of getting out of the office (in the sunshine) to conduct a series of site visits for an upcoming signage project.

The reason this particular client needs to have the signage done is to make people aware about some wonderful sites within the West Midlands, I came away knowing more about the region and a real excitement about the project.

However, this got me thinking about how we are constantly surrounded by signage, which provides us a means to help us navigate our busy lives. Be it driving from one place to another or choosing the best deals it’s always there.

As communicators it is really important to understand the journey people will go on to get the information they need and how they will interact. Therefore, it’s always important to understand why there is a need for signage in the first place and ultimately how are we trying to get people to interact.

It can be a hard job, as signage is often something that people glance at, giving us minimum time to make an impact and to create engagement. But because it’s visible 24 hours a day the effect of it is continuous. So, where businesses have limited marketing funds, well-placed signage can provide a real cost effective form of marketing and help get across the brand and messaging requirements.

With a lot of focus doing on digital media and social engagement to deliver information to our customers we need to remember that the humble sign is still as relevant now as it was years ago.