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Old Spice – New Ads

How do Old Spice manage to get it right every time? I don’t personally know anyone who wears Old Spice, but who cares when their adverts are so on point. We all remember that “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaigin from 2010 right? Just incase you were hiding under a rock in 2010, here’s a reminder below:

Good right? Their latest Instagram campaign has embraced the digital era of social media by creating a truly visual journey that engages with the user, whilst being clever and appealing to the child within us all.

Old Spice Instagram


The guys at the fabulous Creative Review brought this new campaign to our attention, see their blog post by here. Not only are the comic book style illustrations executed beautifully, but it shows that Old Spice and their partnering agency are recognising the growing use of Instagram. At the end of last year Instagram soared past the 300 million mark, overtaking Twitter by over 125 million users.*

The campaign images use Instagram’s image tagging function to allow users to work their way through the story. The viewer must tap to show the tags, which then comes up with two options – you end up creating your own story dependant on what option you pick. When you click on a tag, you are then taken to a new profile which houses the next image and a new set of tags to choose from. If this sounds like a load of gobbledygook, then what are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself by clicking here or search for @oldspice on your Instagram app.