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Accolade Wines

Accolade Park

Accolade Park is a multi award-winning bottling facility. The site boasts an impressive 868,000 sq ft in scale and produces 75 million cases of wine a year. Equipped with the latest technology from state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to world-leading fillers, Accolade Park leads the way in terms of quality, efficiency, sustainability and cost.

GRIN’s task was to promote Accolade Park, highlighting the site’s determined precision, attention to detail and essentially capturing the scale and depth of both the physical location and the work undertaken inside.

Working closely with Accolade Wines, GRIN formulated a script which covered all aspects of the plant, including various technological offerings which increase workflow productivity for the plant. From this, a storyboard was created and a recce of the site was attended, giving us further guidance in planning the day’s filming.

During filming, GRIN managed and art directed a total of five video production crew members: one cameraman and one cinematographer filmed a representative from Accolade Wines, another cameraman took B-roll footage of the site, whilst the remaining two drone operators filmed internally and externally using two separate drones.

Client: Accolade Wines

Sector: B2B

Raw footage from the day was collated, edited and carefully graded. An audio track was selected and added and the combined footage was then put through Adobe After Effects, enabling us to insert 3D-tracked motion graphic elements – all of which were individual to mechanical and audible cues.

The final cut is a combination of expertly filmed footage, art direction and meticulous post-production techniques, which not only inform but re-energise and showcase this fascinating feat of productivity and performance.