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Celebration of Independents

Campaign for Retail Birmingham showcasing Birmingham's independent shopping offer

Independents GuideGRIN developed a ‘Celebration of Independents’ campaign in conjunction with Retail Birmingham to boost visitor numbers and raise awareness of the array of Independent stores and outlets within Birmingham city centre. July 2013 saw the launch of the Independent in Birmingham printed guide, a directory of all the independent stores on offer, divided up into easy-to-digest sections. The 168 page guide also features recommendations, hints and tips for each of the categories, and a roll-out map.

The build up to the ‘Celebration of Independents’ week was supported by imagery produced for an active social media campaign and the website, e-invites and press ads. Flags, floor graphics and outdoor banners were displayed across the city centre retail areas and arcades to create a celebratory atmosphere for shoppers.

During the three week campaign, the website received 10,116 unique hits with 864 views of the downloadable Independents Guide and 575 of the Independent Listings within the website directory function. The campaign also gained 732 new Twitter followers and reached over 40k Facebook users.

Client: Retail Birmingham

Sector: Retail

We were then asked to put together a report detailing the success of the campaign. The text needed to be legible, logically laid out and include campaign artwork and images, whilst also reflecting the identity created for the campaign. The document was visually appealing, using elements from the design to highlight key information.