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Eurocell: RightSite

RightSite is the new website build service from Eurocell, for Eurocell customers.

52% of Eurocell installers don’t have an online presence and many fabricator websites are out of date.* Many of these customers would like to advertise their business and take full advantage of the benefits associated with the digital landscape.

*Source: Eurocell Service Needs Research July/August 2014

RightSite is the new website build service from Eurocell, for Eurocell customers. GRIN has enabled Eurocell in offering a high quality customised website with relevant content, pre-built from one of six existing templates which GRIN has also created. Each template offers a unique tone and voice which can be customised to match the style of the customer’s business. All of these sites come with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus icons to link directly to any social media profiles. A Twitter feed is also included in each build, keeping clients up to date with the latest news.


To house these templates, GRIN created a brand identity and an overarching website ( which highlights the benefits of RightSite, providing a link to each template via means of a demo site. This allows the customer to navigate and experience each site for themselves, vastly assisting in the decision making process of choosing a desired template.

Client: Eurocell

Sector: B2B

Finally, a video was created to promote a new website-building service for Eurocell customers. GRIN storyboarded and set out to illustrate the style of the final piece and from the offset, we decided to make this video purely motion-based. This allowed us to keep the tempo and tone upbeat and to-the-point. Audio was carefully selected and skilfully paired with specific motion elements throughout, offering a playful and positive feel to the prospect of having a brand new website. Key information was kept to one side whilst relevant graphics were animated with lively techniques in an illustrated monitor, ensuring the key message was never lost throughout. Accent colours, tints and fast transitions were used to enhance scenes and make visuals ‘pop’, bringing the combined piece to life.