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Royal Life Saving Society UK

A refreshed identity for Survive & Save Awards

Survive and Save are Lifesaving Awards for people aged 12+ years, provided by RLSS UK, the UK’s premier Education and Training Skills organisation for Water Safety, Aquatic Supervision and Drowning Prevention. The award programme teaches the essential skills of water survival and rescue, as well as a range of challenging lifesaving sport skills. RLSS UK required a refreshed identity for the programme which would appeal to a large and diverse audience.


GRIN created a striking and instantly recognisable design using a water droplet graphic to grab attention. The droplets are flexible in that within communication materials they link detail, or contain important visuals. A blue, green and purple colour palette was used to create a welcoming and friendly tone, which added interest and appeal.

Client: RLSS UK

Sector: Charity

A 152 page information manual was produced, along with 6 sub-manuals, leaflets, posters, pull up stands and certificates. The design appeals to both parents and children whilst still in keeping with the main RLSS UK branding – the result of which looks bright, engaging and more importantly, fun!

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