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The Wonder Stuff:
Diaries 86–98

A book, documenting the band’s fast moving and chaotic early years

Miles Hunt, lead singer and songwriter for Stourbridge-based band The Wonder Stuff approached GRIN with the rather large task of creating a book which documented the band’s fast moving and chaotic early years. The narrative of the book was to be drawn from Hunt’s own personal diaries, meticulously kept as the band began its rise to fame. The book also features many previously unseen images of Miles’ early life as well as an array of Wonder Stuff ephemera.

In Hunt’s own words…“The book does not take the form of a standard rock biography, it is instead a look into my personal diaries, which I began to keep from 1986, the year of The Wonder Stuff’s formation. It will provide the reader with an inside view of the band, previously unseen and unheard. I have been as honest as my memory will allow, in adding extra anecdotal text to the original diary entries. No names have been changed to protect the innocent, because from where I was standing we were all as guilty as the next man. As I have read these diaries for the first time since they were written, beginning over twenty-five years ago, I have been amused and saddened in equal measure.”

Client: Independent Records Ltd

Sector: Music

It was our task to bring together this vast collection of historical information into one coherent retrospective compendium. Taking inspiration from the band’s early album artwork, the cover (and accompanying print) followed in suit by utilising a highly contrasting colour palette which not only caught the eye, but stood out as a beacon synonymous with the style from that era. The inner pages of the book placed equal emphasis on both professional and amateur photography, whilst ephemera and album artwork were given precedence and a special presence on each page, to allow for a truly immersive experience for any reader. Since its launch, the book has received praise from both fans and critics alike.

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