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The Wonder Stuff

30 Goes Around The Sun Tour 2016

After receiving praise for our work on The Wonder Stuff Diaries, GRIN were privileged to be approached once more by Miles Hunt, with the exciting task of producing merchandise and promotional materials for the band’s 30th anniversary tour.

Client: IRL Records

Sector: Music

Celebrating a rich history, we wanted to maintain the integral look and feel associated with the band that fans admire, whilst creating a vibrant creative solution that champions The Wonder Stuff’s 2016 presence.

Classic high contrast imagery with bold lines and strong colours is supported by the longevity of the band’s logo, visually catapulting The Wonder Stuff into a new era.

Whilst the merchandise proved popular with fans throughout the 2016 30 Goes Around The Sun tour, GRIN also created a memorable show experience with stage visuals and tour poster creative. The collection personifies a true celebration of past, present and future.