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Thread Consultancy

New website and motion video

With 25 years’ experience in the corporate, hotel, conference and leisure sectors, Thread offers its clients both specialist knowledge on complex catering, hospitality and facilities management issues, as well as project management expertise across a broad range of business areas, including refurbishment, mobilisation and contract transition.

GRIN created a short yet effective video, alongside updated animated website headers to communicate these key messages. Each section of the video is connected through a single thread, a nod to Thread’s ethos whilst the logo has been refreshed to reveal itself through an animated masking technique, giving the illusion of a thread-like effect.

Our work for Thread Consultancy doesn’t stop there. GRIN created a new website that helps to show how the company creates a sequence of instructions and connections that progress strategy, procurement, projects or complex challenges. Thread believe in constructing project strands than can be executed more quickly and lightly than long-winded process evaluation.

The website needed a clear navigation so the site could be explored easily.

Client: Thread Consultancy

Sector: Hospitality, Food and Drink, B2B

The design was inspired by the thread-like appearance of the logo, bringing thread elements across pages as well as the warm orange colour.

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