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Power of Design

With the recent events taking place around the controversial Charlie Hebdo front cover it got me thinking about the power and impact design can have. In the case of Charlie Hebdo it lead to terrible violence, but using the controversy surrounding the cover in question as a starting point it got me thinking about how powerful design can be, and in this case printed design. It reminded me of the Esquire magazine covers designed by George Lois, between 1962 – 1972. These were powerful designs that through text and image attempted to provoke and challenge, mostly, political issues of the day. Taken out of context and seen on their own they might not mean as much to an audience 30+ years later but I’d argue they still remain relevant, even if some of the stories are now long gone. They demonstrate how design has the power to challenge and hopefully produce a positive, peaceful, change.

For more information and more examples of George Lois’s work have a look here