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Power of the poster

Film posters range from the super cheesy to the super cool. Most of the time, those lines become blurred. Films you may have thought were rubbish on the first watch are probably now classed as cult, giving the poster new meaning and life. More often than not, much like movie trailers, posters, alongside their trailer counterparts, can sell a totally crap film, duping you into paying to go and see it on the big screen, wishing you’d just streamed it at home instead (naughty Kodi users). The power of the poster is not to be sniffed at. Whether it’s a Star Wars character stacker or a full on double-exposure cranial Cruise, they’re great at getting the point across and have been a source of inspiration for designers in creating their own variations for years.

After seeing the amount of fan-art and alternative posters around the internet, I thought I’d create my own take on Netflix’s very own sci-fi / borderline-horror / Eerie Indiana meets Twilight Zone meets The Goonies, meets just about every other late 80s, nostalgia-ridden adventure inspired series, Stranger Things.

I loved this when it was first released and binged-watched the entire season in a few days. I’m totally hyped about season two, so it only seemed right that this be the first in line of a series of film posters I’m going to develop. Enjoy!

Here are some of the posters (original and alternative) that inspired me to work on mine: