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Sign language: A renaissance of hand lettering

I was lucky enough to recently travel to the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece. A world away from the buzzing metropolis that is Birmingham, UK. One thing I particularly enjoyed about my trip was the slapdash approach to signage and lettering. In such tiny, remote locations – does it really need to do more than it says on the tin? ‘Restaurant’ or ‘Taverna’ scrawled on to the exterior bricks of the building explains exactly what’s inside. After all, with so little competition around, who needs a flashy typographically perfect sign?

It therefore struck me how different things are here, with over 1500 restaurants now in Birmingham alone, it’s all about who can shout the loudest, but the hand painted letter has seen something of a hipster renaissance. There’s so many beautifully hand painted signs over the doorways of many pubs, restaurants and shops that we walk past everyday. Some of them really are works of art. Next time you’re on the high street, look up.

The Stable Lettering by Dapper Signs

The Stable Lettering by Dapper Signs

Cherry Reds Cafe Bar Birmingham

Cherry Reds Cafe Bar Birmingham 

The Dark Horse Moseley Hannah Exall

The Dark Horse Moseley by Hannah Exall

Rub Smokehouse Birmingham Beastie Boys

Rub Smokehouse Birmingham hosts a hand painted tribute to the Beastie Boys


Painted brickwork at The Sun on The Hill, Birmingham