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smashing pumpkins!


With Halloween falling this weekend, much discussion has been taking place at GRIN HQ about how people are going to carve their pumpkins.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feeds are full of pictures of people’s creations with major brands using this iconic symbol to promote offers running in-store.

I decided to have a look back at why we carved pumpkins and where it all started. Originally named, Jack-o’-lantern, the carved pumpkins were named after the phenomenon of strange flickering light which occurred over peat bogs. Although, the carving of vegetables has been commonplace in many parts of the world, it is believed that the origin of the carved pumpkin began in Ireland, sometime in the 19th centaury as a way to ward off spirits.

Traditionally, the top of the pumpkin was cut off to form a lid and the flesh inside was scooped out with a face carved out to expose the hollow interior.

In my search for some inspiration, I came across the traditional faces to more unique drilling and carving techniques; here is a collection of some of my favourites.


The question I have is; how are you going to carve yours…I’m personally getting the drill out later.