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Stickered Birmingham (Part II)

Ok, I promise I won’t keep banging on about stickers. Part 2 of 2. But it really is inspiring out and about in Brum at the moment. Not to mention that Steven Spielberg and Warner Brothers are filming just down the road from our office right now! I mean, that’s cool, but there is graffiti taped up everywhere for it! I love it. You can take a walk around Digbeth to see the real deal. Birmingham street artists spraying every corner. And I’ve recently seen some awesome paste ups sneaking further from this area such as a cool piece by Fokawolf near Cherry Reds (see below). Signs say we aren’t allowed to post graf from the film locations on social media however, so I’d best stick to stickers.

Here are some of my favourite stickers I’ve seen since my last post. Some make a statement about society and politics. Some even nod to conspiracy theories such as those in power being reptilian shape shifters! Others simply nod, like a tag, to the artists’ presence as a graffiti artist in places like Digbeth.

I have been inspired. And I hope you are too. It’s surprising what’s actually there on the streets. We so easily go about our daily lives, looking at shop windows or at our phones. But who knew street lamps and electrical boxes could say so much.