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Stickered Birmingham

So, I wanted to keep my current Instagram account purely for my artwork, but I always fancied having little photography projects on the side. The week I created WhatAliSaw, documenting the things I see out and about. I plan to have a weekly theme, and this week is stickers. It really is about the every day, next week could be manhole covers, skips or litter. There is beauty in the every day, the overlooked and unseen, and whilst some may argue it means you’re seeing the world through your phone, well it means you’re actually looking… So often we get caught up with life, worrying about things as we go about our day. But what about mindfully walking and focussing on what you see, hear and smell… I’ve always seen a few stickers about Birmingham, but this week I saw more than ever. I mean, who takes the time to look at lamp posts and electric boxes? But it is interesting what you see when you pay a little more attention, and it keeps you in the present. Here’s the last few days, all quite random from robots to cyclops and eggs, but inspiring…