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The art of office overheard

We’re a tight-knit bunch at GRIN, and we love nothing more than a cheeky natter over a biscuit and a cuppa, or a big slice of cake – we’re not shy.

I’ve often overheard parts of conversations taking place by the fridge that have stopped me in my tracks and made me wonder ‘did I hear that right!?’. I’m used to it now, but to others, we probably sound a little bit crazy!

That’s where office overheard stems from. It’s a monthly email that compiles some of the most witty, laugh-out-loud and down-right random one-liners that have been floating around the studio, making their way into our inboxes to give us a good giggle.

As they’re too amusing not to share, I’ve taken the pleasure of illustrating a select few to give you an insight of what goes on behind the closed doors of GRIN HQ. Enjoy!