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The importance of brand



I first learnt about the importance of branding at university. We were looking at brand globlisation and how companies like McDonalds and Coca-Cola are some of the most recognised brands in the world. Little did I know that lectures like this one would have a direct impact on my working life.

Here at GRIN we work with many different brands, from setting up new ones to working on collateral with established ones, the importance of brand still remains the same.

So, why is branding so important?

For any business, their product or service is something that they want every customer to pick as their number one, and come back to time and time again. A good brand allows the business to strengthen and manage its perceptions to both external and internal audiences and providing people with a reason to choose them.

Creating a brand starts with how it will look, this could be as simple as a logo, but often, it goes beyond this one element. We address the visual identity, which formulates each aspect of the business communications. We ensure that both printed and online mediums are covered, ensuring that the business can present everything consistently.

To us, we take great care in the management of brand communications and love our clients to be involved in what we create for them. We think it is really important to have an open line of dialogue when working on projects as we want them to connect with what we create on an emotional level, as it ultimately means that their customers will connect with it too.

However, it goes beyond the look and feel, the pretty pictures. Once the collateral has been produced, it’s down to the brand to ensure that the whole customer experience reflects their business aims, so from social interaction, to events, even to how staff interact with customers, it all supports the brand experience.

So next time you need a quick fix for some comms material, ask yourself, does it really reflect your business aims, does it build upon these aims and does it relay the right messages to your customers.