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Time for a brew…

This week we have been working on creating a brand identity for a new coffee bar. To help inspire some creative ideas, we have been researching beautiful coffee brand design and packaging and have gathered a few examples of our favourite designs so far.

Coffee Packaging for Haenowitz & Page

This packaging for Haenowitz & Page by designer, Gian Besset, features beautiful floral illustrations that highlight the different flavours of the brand. The design is eye catching and calming, definitely something we’d pick up off the shelf!

Via Package Design Inspiration


Coffee packaging for Kobrick Coffee Company

A beautiful rebrand for Kobrick coffee company located in New York City. This simple and refined look gives this brand a gentle, pure quality. Design by Sandstrom Partners.

Via The Dieline


Coffee Packaging for La Boheme Cafe

A fun and vibrant brand identity by Martina Witte. This quirky design successfully captures the beautiful bohemian characteristics of La Bohème Café in Czech Republic.

Via Paste Magazine

Coffee Packaging for Starbucks, 3 Region Blend

The Starbucks Global Creative Studio has designed this lively packaging for Starbuck’s 3 Region Blend. This beautiful and fresh design successfully captures the infusion of flavours from 3 coffee growing regions.

Via The Dieline


Joco Coffee Cups packaging

Even though Joco isn’t a coffee brand we decided to include this as an example of great brand design. Joco’s reusable glass coffee cup company uses a smart, distinctive design throughout the brand. The corporate identity is very well executed and comes in a range of bold colours to appeal to all ages and genders. Design by: Jimmy Gleeson

Via The Dieline


Quiet Folk Coffee Roasters Logo

Quiet Folk Coffee Roasters Menu

Quiet Folk Coffee Roasters Window Logo

Designer, Andrew Clark created this brilliant logo for Quiet Folk. His clever use of typesetting and clear, bold font works brilliantly over a range of merchandise and surfaces. The stamp-like texture gives the brand a lovely rustic feel.

Via SmokingDesigners