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Vinyl revival

We have a democratic society in the GRIN studio when it comes to what station is on the radio – mostly alternating between BBC6 Music, BBC Radio 1 and Absolute 90s – while the afternoons are soundtracked by a growing group Spotify playlist which flips from sixties soul, hip hop and house, to reggae and rock. Its never quiet, that’s for sure!

The 6 Music listeners amongst us have recently been excited about the resurgence in vinyl that seems to be taking place and, as designers, its not just down to the crackle of a record playing on the turntable, but the possibility of owning a piece of artwork, and the pleasure that comes with flicking through a shelf of 12 inch sleeves. Vinyl still remains a niche product, accounting for just 2% of the UK’s recorded music market. But the record industry have started to capitalise on the return of a demand for a physical product, often offering deluxe gatefold packaging, a purchase that will have more presence and longevity than a digital download ever could.

Here are just a few recent releases we have been admiring and listening to…

brian jonestown massacre pic

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Revelation


Beck – Morning Phase


Mogwai – Rave Tapes (designed by DLT)


Mark Lanegan – Blues Funeral (designed by Gas Associates)


Fink – Hard Believer (designed by James Lake)