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Visit to Stockholm



To continue the holiday theme from Lindsay’s post back on the 4th October (click here to read about her trip to Nice), I thought I’d share some holiday snaps from the beautiful city of Stockholm. In just 48 hours, we managed to explore a lot of what Stockholm has to offer. From The City Hall and it’s stunning views (see image below), to The Vasa Museum and the Royal Palace. The city has so many different areas to discover, from the hipster favourite Södermalm, to the Old Town, Gamla Stan – one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe.


Stockholm is surrounded by water and the areas are all made up by small islands, yet you can explore it all on foot, it’s like no where I have been before. The Swedish are very well put together in terms of fashion, with street style inspiration everywhere you go. Yet what struck me the most, was how beautiful the architecture is. It has a very Parisian feel to it.

We also spent some time looking around Nordiska Museet, Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history and learnt a lot about life in Sweden, both past and present. Whilst here, I saw some beautiful photography by Tore Johnson (see a few of his pieces in the centre Polaroid above and and example below), who was one of the foremost figures in a generation of Swedish photographers who sought out new paths in the years after the Second World War.

Tore Johnson travelled to Paris in the late 1940s to make a living as a freelance photographer. His work is a kind of street photography that aimed to depict daily life. The images are raw, real and captivating.


If you have the opportunity to visit Stockholm, I urge you to do so. It’s a beautiful city.