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We share GRIN’s diverse reading list

Here at GRIN we’ve got our fair share of bookworms and all of us are diving into a range of different genre’s to get our fix of literature:

The Axeman’s Jazz – Carly
New Orleans, Voodoo, gangsters and jazz mixed with historical twists. Would definitely recommend this historical crime thriller, especially as there is a sequel.

Inverting the Pyramid – Gareth
I wish I understood football tactics better so I bought this to try and help me get my head round it. I’m really enjoying it but if you’re not interested in football I wouldn’t recommend it.

No Gym Required – Scott
In the hope of a healthy 2018 this book gives you no excuse to not work out and loads of bitesize information. Although my current excuse to not exercise is that I’m reading this book instead.

Ready Player One – Jules
Glory to geeks everywhere! A slick mix of 80’s pop culture and virtual reality, the perfect read to fuel my inner geek. Go read it NOW.

The Complete Farseer Trilogy: Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin, Assassin’s Quest – Sarah
Almost as a guilty pleasure, I absolutely gorged myself on this epic trilogy. You also don’t have to be into fantasy to enjoy this, the plot is intriguing, the pace is unrelenting and the characters are relatable and flawed.

Notorious: The Life and Fights of Conor McGregor – Jon
The story of Conor McGregor transcends MMA and the UFC. The story of an Irishman going from being on welfare to three years later being a multi-millionaire in the fight game is a must read for anyone looking to be inspired.

Lonely Planet Philippines (Travel Guide) – Jen
It’s February, it’s cold and I definitely need a bit of sunshine in my life … So, flights to The Philippines are booked! These books are so helpful and full of useful tips – recommend to anyone! Get travel happy people!

Baking Cakes in Kigali – Emma
I love this book as it brings together two of my favourite subjects, East African culture and cakes! And I found it in Chiang Mai of all places.  

net Magazine – Scott
Probably not a keen read for most but net gives you the latest news on web trends, techniques and technologies in geek friendly lingo which some of us are more interested in than others!

The Maze Runner – Ryan
I’m forever hearing ‘the books are better than the films’ so thought I’d give them a go. The first book in a series of five. There’s the slightest predictability to it, but still enough to keep you coming back for more. Good if you’re into mystery sci-fi thrillers.

Mouvo2017 Gmunk – Video – Dan
Forget about books this little video will give you the inspiration you need!