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When an illustrator is put in New York

5am. 6am. 7am. There’s a hum from the city that oozes into our hotel room. My friend snores, whispers a conversation about a football shirt, and I lie wide awake. I pat the floor by the side of the bed, quietly searching. There it is! My travel journal.

So, in the early hours I spend my time sticking in passes, guides, broadway tickets, sweet wrappers and other condiments. It’s quickly growing. There are now 68 filled pages each illustrated with doodles of my friend and I, food, and other things I’d probably forget like the bright red cardinal bird of Central Park. This is New York.

Ok, so two days have passed since I got back. The above spreads show how I creatively documented my week’s holiday. The highlights have got to be Central Park, Fifth Avenue, a Yankees game and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Honestly, I thought I’d go and want to live there. Reality, my feet are destroyed and Times Square is a nightmare for all the crowds. Don’t get me wrong, I was lucky to experience such a holiday and see through my own eyes those childhood movie scenes like the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2 and FAO Schwarz where Tom Hanks danced on the Big Piano. And in MoMA I saw Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’, Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ and Pollock’s bird poop paintings as Victor Meldrew would call them (I love Pollock). But, there’s no place like home.

Beaming in the sun, seeing our lush countryside, I’m delighted to be back. And what’s more, my first day back at work yesterday, I was happy. Not many people can say that about returning home and to work. So that tells you a lot about life here at GRIN. A down-to-earth and friendly bunch – simply a pleasure to spend time with. Do come and say hi, any time.

Have a wonderful weekend all.