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Why the right brand image is important: A musical representation

There are many beautiful logos out there in the music world, the majority of them a visual representation of the sound, look, motive, or era of a band or artist. We proudly wear them on t-shirts and hoodies, we frame albums which feature these iconic marques, defining an era of pop culture. So, what if we bought into question the relationship between visuals and musical genre? Would it change popular culture? What if One Direction styled themselves like the Dead Kennedys, would this visual represent a completely different type of sound? Would it turn popular culture as we know it, on it’s head? I experimented with some beautifully designed identities, iconic throughout the world to see just how much we rely on visuals to define music as a huge part of pop culture.

Alternative band logos: Dead Kennedys vs One DIrection

MTV Get off the air: DK as 1D?

Alternative band logos: RUN DMC vs The Jam

A town called hip hop?

Alternative band logos: Ramones vs The Beatles

Mods vs Rockers

Alternative band logos: Gorillaz vs The Monkees

Primates of the 60’s and 00’s

Alternative band logos: The Doors vs The Corrs

Would you still buy this t-shirt from TopMan?*



(*We do not condone listening to The Corrs over The Doors.)